Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Master new technologies to age less quickly? – SilverEco

According to a study published in the scientific journal Intelligence, the aging brain mastering new technologies would age less quickly.
The researchers argue indeed the thesis that the use of smartphones, tablets or PCs would help to improve the cognitive abilities of older users

The conclusions of the study Smarter every day. The deceleration of population aging in terms of cognition , led by an Austrian team and published in the scientific journal Intelligence, suggests that cognitive abilities of the elderly using new technologies are better than those who do not use in on cognitive decline in the first group as occurring 4-8 years later.

 Smartphone In reaching this conclusion, the researchers compared the results of tests IQ and cognitive testing performed by groups of people aged 50 or over in England and Germany: 2000 people were tested in 2006 and 3000 in 2012. The study took into account factors such as education and overall health.

It shows that those tested in 2012 have performed better than those who were tested in 2006. “In many cases, people 52 years of age in 2006 had the same scores as those of 60 years in 2012. Their education level had not changed so much, but we could see that their use of computers and mobile phones had evolved. “, the researchers said.

The correlation between use of new technologies and delay cognitive decline, even if it seems well founded, remains to be verified by more specific studies.

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