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Unicorn: BlaBlaCar after, new flagships of the new … – France Info

Why will the France so little unicorns?
 There is now one of the rising stars of the new technologies in France. This is BlaBlaCar. The company’s car-carried a big fundraiser Thursday: € 177 million. It is now valued at over one billion. And it is this that makes enter the exclusive club of unicorns. .

Uber, AirBandB, Snapchat … and now the French BlaBlaCar
access conditions to the club unicorns are strict: to be a company of new technology, there have been created less 10 years, not be publicly traded, and especially worth more than a billion dollars.
These criteria have nothing formal. This simply used to name the stars of new technologies rising. It is an American investor and analyst, who launched the term in 2013. There’s one in France then. But one suspects that this is not where unicorns are born.

The unicorns are born in the US

In the same Silicon Valley. One counts a little more than 130 Unicorns worldwide. 2/3 are American, just over one in 10 is Chinese, and far behind come the European (British and German)
There are of course large size differences. Uber, Number 1 in the standings, is valued over 45 billion euros while BlaBlaCar is estimated at 1.4 billion euros – which climbed to the 68th rank unicorns

Other promising start-ups in France

There are other jewels of new technologies, which are worth more than a billion. But it is not strictly speaking the ranks in the category of unicorns. They do not fulfill all the criteria
There Criteo for example, making the ad targeting on the Internet or Private Sales
And then there are these start-ups more than promising.. Deezer , which offers streaming music or SigFox, which offers internet connected objects, and may one day become unicorns.

Difficult access to capital hinders the growth of start-ups

Why will the France so little unicorns? Is it that difficult to grow a start-up? It’s a matter of size. According to the founder of the private show room: “ In France, there are good incubators for fostering entrepreneurship This is the step after that is complicated .”

This is not to create, but to grow a start-up that is most difficult. The brake is access to capital. Very large investors, are rare in Europe. They are found primarily in the United States.
Still, the French investors increasingly out their checkbooks. A recent count of Isai background, are incurred by business angels grew by over 50% in a year.


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