Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New technologies. Predicting crime? It is possible according to … – Ouest-France

This is the Quartz magazine that teaches us this new frightening to say the least: Hitachi, Japanese electronics company (meaning the ittéralement “Sunrise”) announces software for “anticipate” of potential crimes from databases. This data comes from several sources: the places where took place previous crimes, data transport networks, conversations on social networks (it boggles), weather reports …

The messages on Twitter, thanks to geolocation and Search Keys, increases accuracy to identify and stop criminals in organized band or potential terrorist act. It is also necessary that these criminals be connected to Twitter …

“machine that learns from itself”

“A human can not handle when there are tens or hundreds of variables that could affect a crime” says Darrin Lipscomb, the one of the program managers. Existing programs are based primarily on personal and collective experiences of police officers. Predictive Analytics Visualization Hitachi Crime (PCA) needs no human intervention in data analysis. It is a “machine that learns itself” .

In defining a “risk area” with an accuracy of 200 meters, PCA determines the risk of assaults, thefts, robberies, and even sexual assault. The police can then step up their patrols in these areas.

What about the innocent targeting, like Philip K. Dick book set directed by Spilberg, “Minority Report” ? Similarly, does there not a risk of falling into the trap of ethnic identification, since the US police has the unfortunate tendency to target Hispanics and African-Americans?

The company did not say. One thing is for sure, tomorrow is today.


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