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Studies – Students prefer new technologies – L’Express de Madagascar

Since the publication of the results of the baccalaureate, career fairs are linked. With the emergence of private institutions, the choice is sometimes difficult for new graduates. Nonetheless, training on new technologies is most preferred at this time.

The choice is sometimes difficult when it comes to higher education. What sector What Questions institute become a headache for the students or their parents after official examinations. During orientation fairs, training on new technologies attracts most students today. This is normal because they are unavoidable.
This is the sector that recruits the most current and Higher Education Exhibition, September 24, booth IT University, a higher education institution specializing in computer science, is never empty. The new graduates are flocking to learn. “I have already chosen my camp. I will continue my IT higher education in a private school that has good reputation and which favors above all the competence and quality, “said Ny Aina, a high school girl who just landed his baccalaureate in series C.

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The further education after high school becomes a headache.

The fame IT University is second to none. It even goes beyond the borders. In the various challenges and competitions, students always round up the top prize. In 2014, four of them have held high the torch of Madagascar by winning the first prize of WebCup Indian Ocean. “The teaching team of our higher education institution is composed of classroom teachers of high level computer diplomas, PhD in computer science,” says a student met the pits.
Students of the institution have a high quality training program on new technologies. This year, ITU has become Oracle Gold Partner. This allows students to master the tips of fingers Oracle technologies in the deployment and administration of databases.
Microsoft has also partnered with ITU to open the first IT Academy in Madagascar, which the program is an e-learning project designed by Microsoft. This enables university-level educational institutions to make the link between the world of education and the world of work by providing students the opportunity to learn new technology skills in an academic context.
They can therefore become familiar with the software tools vanguard of this giant. Thus they acquire great computer skills. This is a stepping stone to prepare students for the demands of their future professional life, to have a strong and enriched CV. Currently, more companies are looking for qualified candidates immediately operational and computing.
The property became an IT talent pool. To believe its rector, Dr. Olivier Robinson, “the goal of the ITU is to train managers prepared to advanced business news information and communications technology. Training is complemented by tertiary instructions on working life. ” Finally, the establishment is authorized to issue a license in computer science and a master’s degree in partnership with the University of Nice.

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Maixent Bekangba, CEO Airtel Madagascar
and Kevin Rabefaritra

“Africa Challenge Dev App.” – Kevin Rabefaritra represent Madagascar

And the winner is … Kevin Rabefaritra IT University won the first prize of the Africa Challenge Dev App contest. It’s a competition, organized in partnership with Samsung and Singapore Telecommunications Company (SingTel), which aims to attract major developers in Africa and Asia to become corporate partners in launching mobile applications on both continents.
Africa Challenge App Dev is a challenge dedicated to mobile application developers. The applications are focused on the consumer, in order to improve network services, mobile telephony, Internet, data transport, rental and SMS.
Kevin Rabefaritra is to comfortable in area. Its first application is available on Google Play Pharmada. “This is a offline application that gives the list of duty pharmacies and emergency numbers,” he summarizes on its Facebook page.


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