Wednesday, October 14, 2015

e-commerce: the importance of new mobile technologies and … – Voxlog

The study, conducted among hundreds of IT service decision makers in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, stressed that the adoption of mobile solutions is expected to accelerate over the next 5 years come, driven by the need for more accurate order fulfillment and improved customer service. Order picking errors cost each year more than 350,000 euros on average to distribution centers. They intend to reduce costs with solutions that will help them gain precision. These include: printers, scanners and laptops with high-precision data capture technologies, or voice solutions to move more precisely and quickly in the warehouse.

Consumers want to be delivered as soon as possible. The pressure is high for operators of distribution centers, which must be delivered as soon as the right products to the right customer. Connected employees equipped with mobile solutions with data capture technologies, such as those Honeywell offers, are more accurate and more productive and improve business results , “said Bruce Stubbs, director of industrial marketing, Honeywell Sensing and Productivity.

Technology for competitiveness distribution center

The study of Honeywell reveals that almost two thirds distribution centers operate omnichannel. That is, they have data capture systems and tracking goods needed to run both orders from retailers and individuals who shop online. France is the country of the study that has the highest proportion of online sales on total sales (54%). This study also reveals that 84% of IT decision makers claim that the panel data capture technologies have positively impacted their omnicanale distribution strategy

Voice technologies. A real asset

The voice technologies are a valuable tool to accelerate critical processes, optimize their performance and keep a step ahead of the competition. The study states that the voice guidance staff offers each user an extra hour of productivity per month. Moreover, the majority of respondents plan to invest in a voice solution in the next five years: 94% in Germany, 87% in the US, 82% in the UK and 78% in France. Nearly 25% of employees of international distribution centers do not speak the local language, hence the need for multilingual solutions that facilitate the reception and training of new recruits.

The importance of reducing the costs of preparation errors

According to the study, the overall cost of a preparation error rises an average of 59 USD (over 50 euros). The total annual bill for distribution centers and exceeds 400 000 USD (over 350,000 euros). Based on estimates of IT decision makers, the United States is the country where the costs of preparation of error are higher (67 USD), followed by France (USD 60), Germany (52 USD) and the UK (50 USD). “


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