Monday, October 5, 2015

New technologies. Still new to the technology of Lannion – Ouest-France

Lannion technological plateau called Pegasus all areas. Yesterday, the area of ​​Pegasus V was inaugurated. This fifth industrial area dedicated to new technology companies located along the ring road that leads to Lannion Perros-Guirec. Lannion Trégor community just build two buildings are more than 1000 m2 for two major companies. Ericsson and Open

Ericsson is the leader in telecommunications equipment in the world, a giant 115,000 employees very advanced in the development of software. Ericson arrived in Lannion in 2013 by buying the company Devoteam. The Swedish giant has enhanced its website by installing heavy equipment to test the integration of applications over networks. It employs a hundred employees.

Open is a French company IT department of 3300 employees. Lannion is a reference site for the development of mobile applications (Maaf, SNCF …) and the development of connected objects. She also made a software that analyzes comments posted on the websites. In Lannion, Open employs 105 people and wants to quickly reach 120 people but hardly recruit.

The settlement, investor and owner

With this new and these two buildings, Lannion Trégor community has a housing stock of 135 000 m 2 that hosts 224 companies. The agglomeration 000 € invested in this 573 real estate project cost a total of 3,265,000 (000 € of which 7500 400 m2 of land). The Region has planned to abound the same sum in the operation. “We could be content to be a real estate operator typical enterprise by making expenditures before paying us rent. This is not quite the case since we are also investing in these operations “, said Joel Le Jeune, President of the city.


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