Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The explosion of new technologies – Tribune de Genève

Think witness the incredible importance that technology products are of recent years in our lives, with the ubiquity of smartphones and handheld devices to track your real-time health?

You do not see anything. A figure illustrates the speed at which things change. This is the number of users of mobile Internet services, which now increases eight times faster than that of people who have made the computer to the mid 90 And now these mutations occur at breakneck speed!

In the future, everything will be connected: buildings, roads, satellites and even your refrigerator. The all-Internet arrives. Advances in 3-D printing will manufacture a whole lot of cheaper and more efficient objects, enabling even print organs or whole limbs for medical purposes

I would not be surprised that it becomes a normal day that people live to the age of 120 years since the level of customization that medicine will reach and impact of neuroscience in our lives. Of course, a life expectancy of 120 years would come with its share of demographic problems.

In addition, with the explosion of new technologies and the Internet of Things, the switchover will continue to upset established industry players at an alarming rate. According to a recent study by the Centre IMD / Cisco for digital development of companies, nearly 40% of existing businesses are likely to be disrupted by the Digital shock wave. And you, how do you prepare the megatrends of the future?

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