Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mercedes Concept IAA: aerodynamic record – Clubic

With the Concept IAA for Aerodynamic Intelligent Auto, Mercedes puts technology at the aerodynamics department.

With penetration air (Cd) of just 0.19, the Mercedes Concept IAA performed better than the entire global automotive production. It has to do with retractable body panels and a specially designed line. Past a certain speed, a strange spoiler, form a combustion fireplace, unfolds in the rear. The rims are flattened and the front bumper is closed.

Under the hood, the machine is powered by a hybrid unit developing a maximum power of 274 horses. That’s enough to drive up to 250 km / h, despite a level of emissions of just 28 g CO2 / km in the most efficient driving mode.

The Concept can travel IAA a maximum distance of 32 km without using its engine, but the most interesting is its style that probably gives us some clues on the lines of the next series of Mercedes Car generations.


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