Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cost reductions and new technologies at GM –

The automaker said Thursday in the WallStreet analysts that its savings in logistics costs, manufacturing, information technology and other would allow it to more than offset investments in developing its brand and in new technologies.

GM said it would begin carrying out tests on a fleet of Chevrolet Volt hybrid and autonomous at the end of next year on its technical campus north of Detroit. The company also announced two car-sharing services that should generate additional profits.

The constructor expects a program that would allow residents of a luxury apartment building 479 homes in New York book a sport utility vehicle to park in any of its network of 200 garages in Manhattan. It is also preparing to launch a car-sharing service in an unnamed American city, early next year.

The CEO of GM, Mary Barra, explained that his company wanted to introduce new forms of mobility in the automotive industry.

According to the head of product development, Mark Reuss, testing on autonomous automobiles are not a “commercial operation” that is that attract media attention.

With his experience on cars without driver, GM attempts to join Google, whose 48 robotic car fleet has accumulated more than three million kilometers on closed circuits and on highways and city streets near the headquarters of the company in Mountain View, Calif.

The computer giant Apple also conducts certain tests to produce auto autonomous, while carpooling service Uber has created a laboratory in Pittsburgh for developing similar vehicles.

The president of General Motors, Dan Ammann, told analysts that even if the personal property of model car remained in place for “still a good period of time,” GM experimenting with autonomous car “for us to be there every step of the way” leading to the change model.


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