Tuesday, October 20, 2015

“Co-workers” when investing networks and new technologies … – exponaute

Co-workers . Under this Enigmatico-English title hides a selection of young contemporary artists who question the concepts of networks, and create systems based primarily on a reinterpretation of the creative process. . Visit to the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris

 co workers

Timur Si-Qin, Art pictured: Selection display. Ancestral prayer , 2012

The XXI century will be digital or will not. And we already feel the beginnings. Workers gathered in ultra-connected open spaces, bordering the screw eyes on their smartphone or young children playing alone with their handheld console: the digital and new technologies have made significant upheaval and unprecedented in human history . So much so that the recently opened Museum of Man has included mobile phone covers to its permanent collections.

Faced with this invincible empire of the web that links people in immediacy that goes to prodigy, and isolates at the same time in a fragmented world where captivates us more screen than the surrounding landscape, create works of art he still make sense? In a connected individualism where what is important is the permanent information in a constant flow, which captivates us like the cobra is the flute, the creative force she exists only? Is not it time, instead, to redefine the shapes and the very notions of art? This is what looking to make the thirty artists has been assembled for this exhibition by the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris; each seeking his way to address thematic through installations, performances and videos.

Cecile B Evans, Workspace_Haku 2014 © Cécile B Evans

Cécile B Evans, Workspace_Haku , 2014.

The creators assembled by Co-Workers have grasped the prevalence of image and sound in our contemporary period, and reflected in the exhibited works. By producing mainly based on visual installations, they criticize one way this invasion of the image in our lives, recreate the absurdities that can be shown to the general public on television or the unsavory meanders of the web.

At a time when this queen image also involves setting constant scene of our own person, affecting therefore to egocentrism claimed the artists Co-Workers away this navel gazing spread on social networks to turn to ridicule, but to question them. What really brings the picture? Can it help us fulfill us as individuals, or she may become alienating in the long term?

DIS The Island (KEN) 2015 Created in cooperation with Dornbracht and co-designed by Mike Meiré Photography Heji Shin - Courtesy the artists

Mike Meiré, DIS The Island (KEN) , 2015.

The video installations, strange sculptures and painting pretenses therefore explore, each in their own way, the complexity of computerized exchanges beyond human scale, yet we surround their elusive waves. Sometimes key to transhumanism when these designers from all backgrounds are addressing how human consciousness and intelligence can extend to machines, addressing this eternal theme so dear to science fiction that is artificial intelligence.

If the tracks are laid by these works, the exhibition however difficult to truly deepen the notion of network miming to take shape by the combination of interactivity and performance. The Museum of Modern Art failing to register itself in this flow, in this continual circulation.

Mark Leckey Pearl Vision, 2012 Quicktime video 3 minutes 6 seconds Courtesy Mark Leckey and Cabinet, London

Mark Leckey, Pearl Vision , 2012.


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