Saturday, October 3, 2015

Prototype Triaca Roller Team “… New technologies – The World Camper

Tery Lopez, Sales Director of sister brands Roller Team and CI, answers questions from Camper World about an exceptional vehicle. The Triaca, prototype presented by Roller Team at the Salon of 2015 Recreational vehicles, is profiled liftable roof. “Saving energy, saving raw materials and space savings” are the strengths of this concept camper.

Already at the Düsseldorf Exhibition, Triaca of the Roller Team drew the attention of journalists, including those from Camper World (read our article here). For the presentation of this prototype visitors Salon of Paris-Le Bourget, writing decided to apply to the brand’s commercial director Roller Team, Tery Lopez.

ideas of unprecedented development
Mr. Lopez confirms that this “concept-camper” is a vehicle “ that foreshadows the future “. These are the technological innovations introduced in this vehicle that could be taken in the short term by various manufacturers, starting with Roller Team. Thus on board many planning tips: a very easy seat convertible dinette bed, another reclining bench seat in the width direction. However, the liftable roof designed for this profile “ is a solution that is interesting, but that is not the trend of other solutions [set out in the Triaca] which are futuristic ecological solutions “. For the Triaca is primarily an ecological prototype. The vehicle is designed to save water and electricity.

A camper future
Triaca should not be marketed. Lopez explains and registration on the vehicle windscreen New collection 2020 “is a nod to the exhibition visitors. Nevertheless, we could see very soon inspired campers of this section of the future: “ The vehicle components will be used by us or by our competitors .”


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