Monday, October 19, 2015

GBT Amex: but where are the new technologies … – trips Pros

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What will serve the million cash obtained by Amex GBT at the signing of the Joint Venture? “ A buy accounts via signing bonus shameless ” feel a little jealous competitors. In reality, this view is not entirely wrong. “ We can not settle on a permanent basis with a large account without engaging the ability to optimize costs through competitive technologies really ,” said the boss purchasing one of all luxury first French companies. On the merits, nothing wrong but in this period of best buy, any economy is up for grabs, including those proposed by the TMC to provide the lowest possible fees.

But make no mistake, Amex GBT did not invent the signing bonus. At most it pushes it to the extreme, making the signing of attractive account for the budget “business trips” to the client company. According to a European study, practice would be proposed more often since 2006 and by all types of businesses whose action is based on intermediation. Key players boost for signature, those whose jobs allow excessive scanning services. Business travel is one of them.

However, the acquisition of large companies, such as Danone, for example, can not be done without a real technological overhaul of the back office. One point on which GBT Amex has always been criticized by its customers. The only certainty, it is not easy to innovate in a world where technological time goes fast! Between redemption innovative start-ups and product developments “owners”, the essential component of success is always the same: the period of realization between idea and product. And at this level, competitors Amex GBT are fast. Whether the side of CWT and Egencia, announcements, without being revolutionaries were many in this fall 2015. Ditto for Concur who Fusion Exchange during the day showed that open-booking is far from a failure as claimed by some European consultants. Even small structures are increasingly agile. 3mundi and Sam iAlbatros and integration of artificial intelligence and Amadeus and its tool “end to end” pushed the graphics and intuitive access.

Hard to be innovative in these conditions. If GBT Amex saw to ensure a qualitative recruiting for its development, it needs to demonstrate today that TMC has changed even though many of his big American clients have remained loyal to him. This is the challenge of the end of 2015 in Europe or competitors have monopolized beautiful budgets despite the recovery initiated by Col William, the new French boss of the travel agency. And, probably to support the important commercial, Elyas Mrad, General Manager EMEA today says the techno “ is not an end but a means “. Vision cautious not to commit more. Especially that to date, the English, French jealous of success and still very close to the US, are not necessarily ready to accept everything of Paris. From there to imagine that time is for them …

Given the lack of innovative tech, rumors are rife in the USA where it evokes a possible removal of Philippe Chérèque in charge techno for the group. Noise corridor, profound changes in supply, new strategies for the coming months, everything seems a bit stuck for hours. But while we work to technology, the sale continues. After all, that is what Bill wanted Glenn, the owner of GBT Amex. And at this level, the objective is almost reached.


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