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EFIS, GPS, tablets, the debate on the adoption of these technologies in light aircraft continues for years. Which can be useful? What place in their education? GPS, for example, when the instruction to introduce it? Should we use it as primary means VFR navigation, or only if …..? What use tablets in flight? Should teach students use? How to ensure the continuing education of licensed pilots?

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The new technologies are omnipresent in light aviation
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On December 14, at the headquarters of the DGAC DGAC Directorate General of Civil Aviation , ANPI (National Association pilot instructors) invites all instructors of general aviation and the people concerned by the topic to participate in a one day seminar on this theme.

The aim of the seminar is to assess the contribution of new technologies in order to make the most. We can expect an improved safety, greater ease in preparation and execution of flights, but also new challenges. The ANPI wants to support this development by reflecting on the integration of these new pilot training tools.

To share with you on the subject, ANPI invited the DGAC, the EASA EASA European aviation safety agency (EASA) and European Agency aviation security promotes safety standards and standards of environmental protection in civil aviation in Europe. It is the key cornerstone of a new regulatory, mechanism to enable the creation of a single market in Europe for the aircraft industry. and SIA and training software vendors, flight preparation and navigation.

- Seminar ANPI, 14 December 2015 Headquarters of the DGAC, Amphitheater Farman Reception from 8:30 am, 9 am Seminar -. 17:30


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