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These networks that leverage new technologies –


Franchising is a way of entrepreneurship which is sometimes wrongly associated only to trade “traditional”.


 The franchise is a mode of entrepreneurship that is sometimes wrongly associated only to trade” traditional “. If, of course, the franchise will launch more simply a themed restaurant, a sign DIY or a real estate consulting firm, it does not mean totally absent from the new technologies sector. Between totally new brands that use innovative concepts and historical actors who are upgrading with the contribution of new technologies, here is an overview of these high-tech future-oriented franchises.

Franchises that rely 100% on high-tech innovation

Disruptive innovations that are revolutionizing the practices and shoving a market, it remains only a start-up business and independent? Think again. If the franchise needed a concept is already tested and validated through a pilot unit before being replicated via a network, more signs rely on high-tech products and “futuristic” concept . Between the launch of the offer and the transition to developing franchise deadlines are sometimes very short, and therefore possible to offer a completely new service for consumers.

This is the case with Fuse Concept , sports halls network using the XBody training method . This is a suitable combination provided with an electronic system that broadcasts pre-programmed electrical impulses that are specific muscles contract. A completely new way to spend and build muscles. “ The weather report of the session / is unmatched efficiency for 20 minutes with the combination match fitness 1:30 ” according to the creators.

Another example is the 3D printing . An even edge technology and is not accessible to the public? On the contrary. This is the challenge created by Print Me Up, teaches offering 3D printing services! In addition to the products associated with this universe, Print Me Up also provides training to the design for printing and 3D modeling …

Last example finally habitat with inHome Tech, specializing connected objects Dedicated home. The brand develops deductible and offers a range of impressive products to make smart housing. Automatic ventilation, centralized device management, secure home … Solutions that have the wind in their sails, and offered through franchise stores, thus accessible to candidates entrepreneurs!

New technologies infiltrate franchise networks

Some brands may seem far from the high-tech innovations, and innovations of new entrants as we have just seen them. And yet. Organized network of franchisees, major retailers integrate more and more digital tools, both to facilitate communication within the network to value products and reach consumers. This is how Yves Rocher franchise Monceau Fleurs and use the geofencingi, ie ad targeting geo-localized . Clients receive offers via alerts directly on their mobile, depending on the store of the brand which they are attached! Rapid Quick restaurant chain does the same by specifying new products to customers with information about the nearest facility. A technical innovative digital marketing and accessible to franchisees that boosts the image of the outlets.

The new technologies also help boost omnichannel strategy of stores. All contact channels and possible sales between consumers and franchisees must be stimulated! Fnac, which was launched in franchising in 2012, has understood. The company has been among the first to integrate the click and collect This practice of ordering online but to withdraw store . The objective is clear: creating traffic in store and additional sales while providing a real service to the customer who does not pay shipping costs.

Many stores remain discrete but now incorporate innovative management tools in the cloud, with collaborative tools and data sharing. New technologies have already begun to transform the trade, including the franchise . But this is only the beginning: drones, interactive mirrors and other smart devices have not finished surprising us.


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