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Three new technologies came from the future –

Younes, developing trainee at Madmoizelle, presents three inventions, three new technologies that promise to improve our lives. The future is now!

Day Back to the Future In 1989, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis send Marty McFly in the future, October 21, 2015. Here we are officially in the future imagined by the late 80′s celebrate it with a few items!

Hi there! You wonder perhaps that I am; I Younes, developing trainee at Madmoizelle. I take the end of my internship to share some of my passions with you, and today we turn to new technologies. I do not mean the latest iPhone 6s, or the Playstation 4, but little-known technology. In the area of ​​health, for example, do not rely on advertising campaigns that cost million, and we are not often aware of what was invented. Yet when I look at the news of health-related technologies, I really feel like in the future

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I can imagine me tomorrow quiet on my hoverboard, currently wandering in the streets of Paris by consulting my emails by thought! Well, I believe a little with the mail by thought, but we are not far from the hoverboard (today we waiting for you, it’s waiting for you my little McFly)


The magic glasses

If you do not yet see a Delorean that works to waste we already have the technologies coming out of the ordinary and that hurt the eyes just with promotional videos! And in the kind of techno that dazzle, I would like first of all talk about the glasses EnChroma society.

The peculiarity of these glasses is that they allow to do discover the colors for color blind people . It’s just MEGA OUF! Color blindness is an anomaly in the retina that prevents the eye to capture all the colors; through their special glasses, these glasses amplify the natural colors, which allows the eye to better capture.

Is it not amazing experience like? ! Imagine, you put glasses and you discover new colors And there’s not just for the eyes: there are techno for just about all evils, such as fractures example.

The improved plaster

The startup HealthPrint has invented a plaster to create with a 3D printer and which increases fracture healing with ultrasound. In addition, the plaster has the big advantage of having small holes everywhere – we all know • your galley that is, of having to spend a pen • e / spoon / chopstick in her plaster try to ease the itching. You can also place it under water, which avoids having the arm that stinks when you remove your cast!


(3dnatives image)

Some accidents unfortunately cause most damage as fractures, and sometimes the way we remove capacity as the we thought acquired a long time.

Artificial members

The case of paraplegics is extremely followed by the scientific and technological community. For example, they started developing artificial limbs, arms or legs.

This man has lived for more than two years with that arm controlled by thought. This is the beginning of telepathy, my mouth! Well, in real life it is to translate the electrical signals from his brain into electrical signals understandable by the processor that controls the arm.

Finally, I want to tell you about a man who was a victim . of an accident caused irreparable damage to his spinal cord

After a long drive from nineteen weeks, both physical and psychological, he was finally able to walk: doctors / scientific / heroes have installed cables that bypassed the injured area, and he managed to control his legs ! Imagine, you lose the use of your legs, you stay like this for five years … and one day a doctor tells you that you’re going to walk again!

It is of course not yet ready but I think in the coming years, we may well be surprised • e • s advances in the field.


Considerable technologies deserve to be presented general public, such as heart drone (a drone equipped with a defibrillator which moves in less than three minutes to maximize the chance to speak to the beginnings of heart attack) … Or the diabetic lenses that will prevent people with diabetes have to do their withdrawals, often because of binding equipment to carry.

I am of those who think one day we will have a technological body half and biological half. Unlike Terminator and others, I believe that technology can help us evolve in style! I hope in any case that this article has made you love technology as I love it – it’s already a good start

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