Monday, October 19, 2015

New technologies designed for seniors Terminals … – La Voix du Nord

To fight for three weeks with my new Android phone, I can assure you that all manipulations are not transparent! So imagine two seconds how difficult it can be to enter the latest in the digital world.

Fortunately, some manufacturers have a true reflection on the subject. This is the case for several years for its ordis Ordissimo and tablet, Doro (see below) for phones.

The software publisher (genealogy , old maps, photos …) CDIP launches into battle with his Facilotab tablet. It is distinguished from the competition by simplifying uses, reducing access to some large colorful vignettes. Of course, all the features and applications are accessible to Google, in a separate space. The idea is to allow a caregiver, near or remote, to guide and configured for the user. Not bad, but it will cost € 245, promotional offer, excluding accessory for the WiFi version and € 80 more for the WiFi-3G version

The smartphone Doro Liberto. & Lt; A & gt; 825 is located in the same price range (€ 285). But thinking was further to provide a reassuring experience for beginners. Instead of choosing an application to perform an action, it is necessary here to determine an action that will define the application to open. For example, instead of opening the mail, write an email, add a photo and an address, you must click on “Send”, then “A picture or video”, click on the title in the gallery; Then, in “Who”, click on the picture of a loved one. It then remains is to write the title and text and click the big green button “Send”. Rarely a user will also effectively been held by the hand.


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