Monday, October 26, 2015

Curling sweeps outside her door and said no to new … – Review

In the world of curling, the introduction of high-tech broom was rejected, not by its authorities but by its best players.

Nothing to do with questioning the singular presence of the brush in the sport – which is used to direct the stone path on the ice – but for reasons of fair- play.

For the curlers, the new broom, manufactured with a “directional fabric” reduces the sporting prowess of the players and gives the team an advantage in competition. A sandpaper effect on the ice allowing better control

For the former world champion Glenn Howard, interviewed by Radio Canada. “It’s like using a joystick which said to go right, left, further, less far … In the past, the success of the coup depended 80% of launch and 20% of the sweep. But for a year and a half, it became the opposite. This is unacceptable. “

Most sports are faced with the problem of new technologies, said the newspaper Quartz, including swimming. At the Olympic Games in 2009, 90% gold and 23% of new records had been awarded to swimmers wearing a swimsuit Speedo LZR Racer , composed of polyurethane, improving performance in the water. They will be banned the following year.

But in the case of curling, it is not a federation which prohibited this new, more efficient model. Twenty-two Canadian and international teams signed a document pledging not to use compounds brush “directional fabric”. A decision all the more difficult to take when we know that manufacturers are often their sponsors.

This skill game on ice, both tactical and physical features of a sportsmanship is paramount. In its ethical charter, The Spirit of Curling, it is stated:

“We play to win but never curling to humiliate the opponent. A true curler prefers a loss to an unfair victory. In case of dispute, the curler always decide in favor of his opponent. “

Curling, a true sporting gentleman. But above all, what other sport can claim to be one of his, held a team whose players are as bold and fabulous.

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