Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bordeaux: the new technologies that are revolutionizing finance – South West


e firm Accenture study estimated that $ 12 billion investment in FinTech (financial technology industry news) in 2014 . Either three times more than the previous year , that’s how this sector has the wind in its sails. “Currently, there are two or three companies that are created every day,” schematically Pinse Xavier, president of Evollis, a company specializing in the rental of capital goods to the general public under the brand Uz’it and now intervening Bordeaux Fintech. The event, organized by Digitall-Council drew 350 registered today to Darwin, Niel Barracks Bordeaux.

A contraction after the “boom” ?

Three panels must allow to make an overview of the subject and inform the observers as well as investors. “This is an area exploding, but who will soon undergo a contraction under the combined effect of bankruptcies, buyouts, mergers. I am sure he will be quickly divided by four” anticipates Louis Froissard, initiator of project.

At the head of Heritage Montaigne, he advises individuals in their investments and has integrated fintechs in some of its strategies. “They may constitute investment opportunities or offer useful tools for asset management. This is the case of robots that automatically suggest investment We believe integrating it into certain investments” .

Competing or complete banks

Under the label fintechs indeed hide a multitude of activities. Those just compete with banks through the credit for equity loans, payment solutions, trading tools … but also those just complete banking service offering , the image of Véollis.

We made the bet to follow the development of consumer use up before the . So, we work for major retail brands such as FNAC, Intermarché … and allow them to offer their customers to rent consumer goods such as televisions, home appliances, bicycles, bedding soon. At the expiration of the lease, the customer has an option to purchase “explains Xavier Pinse. The transaction leans against a bank that applies a rate lower than the consumer credit and manages Véollis digital relation between partners through its platform and its servers.

Discomfort Zone

The 20 participants represent many facets of Fintechs Traisnel as Jerome, founder of Simplay, specialist payment solutions or Stéphanie Savel who created the platform of crowdfunding Wiseed .

“We want the players are pushed in their area of ​​discomfort, to learn more about themselves and allow to reach a clearer vision of the FinTech generally and locally “summarizes Louis Froissard. Investment opportunities, particularly in terms of tax exemption, but also the relationship with traditional financial players are also located in the center of the debate.


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