Thursday, October 22, 2015

The guest. Jacques Rubio: “New technologies have changed … – Touléco: News eco Toulouse

What feedback have you had in the previous edition of Futurapolis
Clearly Futurapolis has a good image and impact the general public. We saw last year ; and this year will be even more central Futurapolis and air time, thanks to home automation and connected objects. In five years, we have seen how new technologies had changed our daily lives. Whether from an economic point of view or in our practices, with the ubérisation our company for example. Compared to our business, this requires to have different approaches. And this allows us to better understand the world.

For example
For example, we have to adapt our business approaches, marketing and communications. We also need to integrate new technologies into our apartment offers. First-time buyers looking for a computer room and a connected space. The organization of the house has also changed with an open kitchen that becomes the central space of the house. The meal is when everybody ends up, while the rest of the time, each remains connected to personal devices. In housing, convivial moved and we must take this into account when we design homes.

Why partner Futurapolis
This will show that Kaufman & amp; Broad is interested in this young audience and its expectations. This will remain on standby on a home automation that also goes much change over the next ten years. We must be present and show that we are in the front row.

What are your plans for 2016 ?
We have new projects in the region of Toulouse, near Blagnac, with Andromeda, or in Mondonville, Jean and Saint Croix Daurade district in Toulouse. In all, twenty-five residences are being developed. We are 200 employees in the Southwest.


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