Friday, October 9, 2015

The market for new electricity storage technologies … –

The market for new electricity storage technologies will weigh $ 14 billion in 2026

Paris – now dominated by litium-ion batteries, the electricity storage market will see happen in the next ten years new technologies that will represent a market of $ 14 billion in 2026, according to a study published Friday.

This may represent up to 10% of the total battery market by 2026, details the firm IDTechEx studies, specializing in technology sectors.

silicone anode Batteries, litium-sulfur batteries, sodium-ion or lithium-air, these new technologies still in development for most do not take the place of lithium-ion batteries but occupy niche segments, such as electronic items wearable, boats or electric airplanes, residential storage, etc.

These technologies will and fill material limits of lithium-ion, including on autonomy. New batteries will be smaller and contain more energy, IDTechEx says.

According to the firm, while the market for lithium-ion batteries is already highly concentrated among Asian groups, there is a new investment cycle in specialized start-ups in these new battery technologies

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