Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New technologies for the Toyota Prius 2016 – AutoGo.ca

The popular Toyota hybrid car was redesigned for model year 2016, and will benefit from several improvements.

According to the Japanese automaker, the redesign of the Prius has been exhaustive, and that includes a new style wrapping his familiar triangular shape, with a hatch. The new car is longer, wider and lower, and also more aerodynamic with a drag coefficient of 0.24. In other words, it is one of the most profiled production cars on the market.

The interior has been redesigned too, and the seats were reformed to provide better comfort, it either at the front or at the rear. And despite the lower roofline, there is a greater headroom, according to Toyota. The car also has a stiffer chassis and revised suspension.

As for the hybrid, the Toyota Prius in 2016 relies on two new electric motors have a higher energy density while being more compact and lighter. The four-cylinder engine of 1.8 L remains but has been deeply reworked to provide better fuel economy and better performance. The battery pack will always be composed of nickel metal hydride, or replaced by lithium-ion battery, depending on the market in which the car is sold.

With all these changes, the Toyota Prius in 2016 should be less High energy, but also more fun to drive, more or less missing attribute in the current generation car. The new Prius goes on sale in Japan in December, and should tread the North American soil in early 2016.


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