Friday, October 9, 2015

The E-Food Contest premium new technologies at the service of … – (Register)

For its third edition, the E-Food contest launched at the initiative of Vitagora and Premice, will reward the start-up or project leaders who promote new technologies to help the industry agroaliment …

On the menu of the third edition of E-Food assistance: educational video games and 3D printing for food

As every year, successful candidates will benefit from strategic support and a linking with large industrial names to complete their project and secure funding. On the two previous editions, since 2014, nine winners have already benefited from this support. On the two previous editions, since 2014, nine winners have already benefited from this support.

The projects’ food and tech “

Mobile applications to improve the well-room … From video games to educate young consumers to taste and nutrition programs for … learn to sick people to eat well … But also, technologies or 3D printing software for the food processing, raw materials for 3D printer applications and products to consumers to bring the 3D printing food in the kitchen …

In 2016, the E-Food contest focuses on two categories : serious games, and applications of 3D printing to food. In each of these categories, two types of awards are announced:

· The price “Start-Up”, dedicated to holders of a project to create business (students, graduates, etc.) provides a cash prize of € 500, a strategic coaching, professional hosting, and coaching in business development.

· The price “Growth” will allow young companies to be supported and implemented in connection with big names in the food sector, and to prepare for a presentation deal with investors to raise funds.

In addition, fifth award will be presented to the coup project heart of the jury , has the same service delivery and an additional cash prize of € 500. Applicants are invited, between October 5, 2015 and January 31, 2016, to apply online Candidates on written record will present their projects orally March 22 face a jury. Five winners will be rewarded.


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