Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Experts discuss issues in Casablanca news … – Morning

officials, experts, researchers and designers solutions in security matters have made an appointment yesterday in Casablanca to discuss the security challenges facing the African continent in the near future . The Moroccan experience in this area has been exposed by the Interior Ministry.

The first edition of “Africa Security Forum” began on Monday in Casablanca under the theme “border security, stream financial and digital identity. ” Chosen by both partners organizers of this event, the research center and geostrategic studies Atlantis and the International Forum of security techniques (FITS). Aware of the interest questions programmed within the framework of the Forum, the Government did not fail to emphasize the importance of such discussions spaces for the development of national public policies. This was affirmed the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Interior, Draiss Charki, who took part in the work of this Forum. While recalling the efforts of the Kingdom to ensure its security stability (establishment of legal institutions and democratic involvement of the population within the borders), he stressed the importance of having documents identity (passport and CIN) using the best available technologies. “The Kingdom can be proud of the achievements enterprises to provide documents containing reliable information free of falsifications. After starting the generalization in 2008 of biometric CIN, the country did the same in 2009 for the biometric passport while starting the modernization of the records of civil status.

Our country has also initiated an ambitious plan to cover all major cities by surveillance cameras, “said the government official. In addition, Mr. Draiss drew attention to the challenges of the multiple uses of the Internet in the context of a globalized world. Something which requires, he believes, a collective reflection to reach solutions that guarantee the same time security, freedom of initiative and the minimum of responsibility. “This objective can be achieved by exploiting the handy solutions to implement the best practices developed by humanity in the real world to the virtual world,” he called. Besides the issue of cybernetic and technological space, participants exchanged on subjects that have in common security in the broad sense. Driss Benomar, founder of the think tank Atlantis, cited in this regard the problems related to energy, water, defense policies and technology. He said that human strategies caused multiple economic degradation, and climate policy. This situation has many causes, but the effects are the same: the deteriorating security. He thus stressed the importance of such a space for debate home to many experts, safe, researchers, security solutions diplomats and designers from some thirty countries (Africa, USA and Europe).

Meanwhile, the president of the think tank FITS, Alain Juillet, particularly stressed the importance of securing the “digital and cyber space.” In this regard, he handed over the carpet the issue of “digital identity”. “In exchange, we must necessarily go through those digital and electronic means,” he said. In this context, speaking of Africa, he stressed that existing in Morocco shows that it is well advanced. “Morocco is a good base as a pole of development to Africa,” he said. More generally, the work of “the Africa Security Forum” in 2015 have focused on security and geopolitical issues for Africa in response to globalization, before the debate mainly centered around three main themes. The first security entry points, land borders, ports and airports. The second theme concerns the modern systems of establishment and verification of identity. It was mainly a question of digital identity in cyberspace, the new use of biometrics, open data, storage and use of data and ethical issues and the company’s position in this respect. Financial flows were the third debate theme. Participants discussed the illicit financing (terrorism, organized crime, money laundering …), traceability and innovative payment solutions to secure transmission channels order. This work should continue today as part of BtoB meetings between the operators concerned with safe techniques.


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