Monday, October 12, 2015

New technologies: The Plantronics gives BlackBeat Fit … – La Voix du Nord

For the running, a helmet must be wireless, lightweight, resistant to rain and offer good audio performance. The BackBeat Fit meets all these requirements.

The headphones fit easily on the ears thanks to their helical shape. They are connected by a hoop falling on the neck. Weighing only 24 grams, the BackBeat Fit is quickly forgotten. Except when short, the arch having a slight tendency to type on the neck. It is antiperspirant material and provided with a reflective strip.

The atria, rather flat kinds of pins, do not isolate themselves from the outside world as can-ear. They let a part of the ambient noise.

The headset connects to Bluetooth IOS and Android smartphones. It is regrettable that he did not recognize the Windows Phone … The left earpiece incorporates a play and pause button and volume control. As for the right, it houses the Power button and activating the speakerphone. Coupled with an iPhone, pressing this button activates the Siri voice assistant. To move a song or go back, simply press and hold or double-tap the play button to the left atrium. Its range is about eight hours at moderate volume and six hours of talk time.

His side, the BackBeat Fit is comparable to its competitors. For headphones letting a portion of ambient noise, it provides clear treble and bass dry. Small problem, however, because of his part “open” low lose performance outside.

It comes with a storage pouch coated with a reflective fabric and fitted with a cuff . The battery charge is via a micro USB socket protected by a small cap on the right earphone. For € 129, the BackBeat Fit is the maximum.


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