Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New technologies at the service of art – South West


‘re new technologies to the art of service and fine craftsmanship, is the theme given to Nico Raddatz, visual artist designer, for 2015 edition of Macs are arts. Four stagings have been imagined by the artist. D “Articule” land art installation schoolboys Labenne to “synthetic Synesthesia”, a facility bathed in the crystalline world of sound sculpture of Baschet brothers, through “Evening Twilight,” a pictorial projection Didier Leclerc on the front of the hall, or the artists’ village, the Labennais will only have to choose from to satisfy their cultural thirst.

A journey to discover

At the option of a path from the hall to the site of the future Pole plastic arts, the walker will no doubt find happiness in the following program: Friday, from 18 hours, varnishing, the Gardens of the town, of “Articule”. At 18 h 30, opening the artists village and Salon artists and craftsmen (numbering about fifteen) in the Sport hall. At 19 hours, the hall, opening of “synthetic Synesthesia” work of art and musical instrument at a time.

Saturday and Sunday, permanent exhibition, 10 to 19 hours, and “Evening Twilight” at the sunset. In parallel, will be offered workshops to discover 3D printing for school (registration), and 14 h from 30 to 16 pm, a musical moment, a discovery of the Baschet sound structures with Elodie Wachowski and Pascal Gréau (open all age groups).

Jean-François Lafitte


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