Thursday, September 17, 2015

Frankfurt Motor Show between recovery and new technologies – France Info

This is the 66th edition of this high mass which is held every two years alternating with Paris. A little more than 1,000 exhibitors from 39 countries, oversized booths, extended endorsements mannequins lasciviously gleaming bodywork on … everything comes together to discover 210 world premieres.
Recovery ‘significant ”
The market is still quite low but it goes in Europe. Registrations are up by almost 9% over the first eight months of the year.
Professionals speak of recovery ” significant ”. The fall of the market engaged with the crisis in 2008 to 2013 seems to be over
However, health found on certain areas such as North America -. Which is at its highest – is not confirmed anywhere .
emerging regions continue to lag behind, as China for which opinion is divided: German Volkswagen reduced production and wages locally. Renault is less pessimistic because less exposed in the Middle Kingdom.
Why is the recovery more pronounced with us

In China, even with a comfortable growth rate, the motor is winded.
In Europe, however, is a little like households found themselves confidence in the future of their personal situation.
When things go better, the car is usually one of the first products to which we turn for which it borrows, even among low-income households. Essential car in our world of mobility.
And then there is the very strong environmental concerns. Constraints imposed by the consumer-buyer and standards … manufacturers adapt and bounce on this request.
With hybrid cars especially
hybrid is the real success this year in Frankfurt. The gasoline-electric model is spreading like wildfire among European manufacturers, 18 years after Toyota, a pioneer in the field.
Renault released its first hybrid model in 2017 with its new generation Mégane.
All manufacturers are now looking towards the car unmanned vehicle digital … eyes are on Google and Apple who develop their own model. Some believe it, some do not, but everyone has to look at what is done in the matter.
in Innovation for Growth
are beginning to find that spirit after the dark years and many restructuring. That’s the good news brought filigree at the Frankfurt show.


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