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December 28, 2013


Apple boss Tim Cook received a salary of $ 4.25 million this year, an increase of 2% compared to 2012, despite a decline in earnings of the brand Apple.

SEC, the stock Constable overseas has published a document detailing the remuneration of Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO for the year 2013. The head of the brand Apple has paid $ 4.25 million this year 2013, a wage increase of about 2% compared to 2012. Tim Cook earn more but his band, Apple, saw its profits decline for the first time in eleven years. Profits that could climb in 2014 with the release of new products. Tim Cook announced in his letter of year end for its employees. He said that large projects would emerge in 2014. Maybe an Apple TV or iWatch.

Tim Cook: $  4.25 million salary this year

Tim Cook: $ 4.25 million salary this year

Tim Cook compensation breaks down as follows: an initial salary of 1.40 million in 2013 against $ 1.36 million in 2012, to which are added 2.8 million bonus and than 52,721 dollars for his retirement account which makes a total compensation for 2013 of U.S. $ 4 252 721. The iPhone remains the flagship of the brand this year. The turnover of the brand Apple was closed late September to $ 171 billion, an increase of 9% compared to the same period last year. However, net profit fell for the first time in eleven years to 37 billion, a decrease of 11%. Tim Cook announced big plans for 2014. Innovative new products that will interest the general public and probably climb to group profits. The General Meeting will be held Apple Feb. 28 live from Cupertino California.

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