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Artificial heart: Holland and Touraine welcome Surgeons - The Point

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Professor Christian Latrémouille, who conducted the operation, has also indicated that the patient “recovered and grew.”


The patient who received the first final Wednesday artificial heart Carmat society “progresses and recovers,” said Professor Christian Latrémouille Saturday, which conducted the operation in hospital Georges-Pompidou under the direction of Professor Alain Carpentier. “He was in a situation at the end of life,” no alternative, said Professor Latrémouille at a press conference. “The intervention took place in good conditions. Immediately after he was extubated, his ventilator removed, which corresponds exactly to the conditions of a heart transplant. There were no complications innovative character of the location, we found ourselves under the usual conditions “heart transplant, he was told.

The Health Minister Marisol Touraine wanted to “congratulate Professor Alain Carpentier and surgeons who have operated.” “This is a quantum leap that has been made,” she has said. “You always have to show a little humility and caution, but they are very good prospects that open.” She added that the president François Hollande had telephoned him to ask him to convey his congratulations to the whole team.

The indescribable emotion Professor Alain Carpentier

Asked about the difference between an American experience of 2001, when a patient had received an artificial heart and survived 152 days, Professor Alain Carpentier noted that on the one hand are the heart Carmat allowed not over a heart transplant, and the other was bioprosthetic, that is to say including biological tissues, to prevent the formation of clots. American prosthesis AbioCor 2001 required the patient to take an anti-coagulant treatment heavy.

Alain Carpentier, founder of Carmat, who fought for 25 years to design and put this artificial heart, described his indescribable emotion when he saw the heart beat for the first time . As for the patient, he said “thank you.” “He has a lot of humor, this is a very good patient,” he has said.

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