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Europe stimulus Arlesienne universal charger - ZDNet

Technology: The European Parliament announced that they have agreed about a binding text (even for Apple) to be voted on in 2014 and implemented in 2017 at best …


This is a real sea serpent as only Europe can create. In 2009, the European Commission signed an agreement with major mobile phone manufacturers.

latter undertook to finally provide universal charger from 2010 to avoid ergonomic and ecological disaster with very heterogeneous products.

In 2010, there were thirty outstanding worse, within the same brand, different chargers were found depending on the model. Given the turnover rate of the terminals, these chargers often ended their lives in the trash or clutter drawers vennaient users.

In 2011, 90% of mobile phones sold in the European market are sold with this universal charger, considered Europe.

Commendable but hypothetical

successful bet? Not quite. If the micro-USB format is somewhat generalized, each manufacturer continues to provide heterogeneous and Apple chargers, truck market continues to play solo with its proprietary format (although it offers an adapter to charge high price of course).

a few months ago, the Internal Market Committee of Parliament voted unanimously a resolution favorable to the creation of a law requiring companies manufacture a universal charger.

One objective is thus to reduce electronic waste. “We urge Member States and manufacturers to introduce a universal charger to end the chaos cable for mobile phones and tablets,” said the representative of the Commission, Barbara Weiler.

Today, the European Parliament goes further with the announcement of an agreement requiring all manufacturers of smartphones and tablets use a common model charger.

Initiative again commendable but a new hypothetical time. Because the text must first must first be adopted by Member States in March and they will then have two years to transpose the legislation. Manufacturers will then have one year to adapt. Which brings us to 2017 …

Meanwhile, developments in connectivity (especially around USB) can still be offered by the manufacturers. In short, the universal charger as desired by Europe may again remain a sweet dream.

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