Sunday, December 29, 2013

Remuneration 2013 Tim Cook Apple: $ 4.25 million - Be Geek

According to a document published on Friday in anticipation of the annual general meeting, Apple has paid its CEO, Tim Cook, to the tune of $ 4.25 million this year, representing an increase of almost 2% compared to 2012. Document, available on the SEC website, explains Tim Cook touched a base salary of 1.40 million dollars, 1.36 million against the previous year. Tim Cook has also received 2.8 million bonus, as in 2012, and 52,721 dollars in payments on his retirement account.

offset the year ended end of September, Apple has increased its turnover by 9% to $ 171 billion. The iPhone remains the main driver of Apple’s growth. However, the company has also accused the first decline in net income in eleven years (-11% to 37 billion). The launch this year of a new revolutionary product after the iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010 could restore upward trend.

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