Thursday, December 19, 2013

Internet: Bouygues launches offensive against Free - The World

“In the fixed Internet, the party is over. (…) Bouygues Telecom will provide a real breakthrough in 2014 with innovative technology and services. We’ll make do 150 euros savings per year to subscribers who choose the fixed service, which is a saving of € 12.50 per month. What could be better? Xavier Niel do the same if he can! “, Bouygues said. He also assured that the margins of Bouygues Telecom were “less than 20%” , while those Free “are above 40% in the fixed” .

“I just found that between 2010 and 2013, the fortunes of Xavier Niel evaluated by Challenges is from 3 to 6 billion euros, which puts 10 th position [of the largest fortunes in France]. A joke do you? “, he adds. According to the head of Bouygues Telecom, launching telephony fourth generation (4G) is “a real success” . “We will cross the course of the first million customers within a few days, (…) what makes nervous Free. Xavier Niel has flip-flopped. He launched the largest precipitation offer 4G, when he was 700 antennas. And when he says that Bouygues Telecom has only 530, this is wrong! He already was sentenced for having denigrated “, has he said.


created a new break in the mobile broadband announcing earlier this month that the proposed 4G 3G prices, which forced its competitors to influence their pricing strategy. This was particularly harsh blow for Bouygues Telecom, which invested heavily to get the most from the authorization was given to him to use for 4G frequency 1800 MHz for which he already had an infrastructure. This allowed him to open his commercial network with a competitive advantage in terms of coverage. Bouygues Telecom and covered 63% of the population since the launch of 4G network 1 st October, while its competitors Orange and SFR reach 40% to 50% coverage by the end of the year.

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