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Bouygues promised 150 euros in savings per year on the bill ... -

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between Bouygues turn in the war ads. After the battle initiated on 4G between market operators, Martin Bouygues promises new in the fixed Internet.
 Martin Bouygues

Martin Bouygues promises a real break in the fixed Internet. P CEO of Bouygues Group announces that the operator will make announcements soon on this field and indicates it wants to “make 150 euros in savings per year to subscribers who choose the fixed service, which is an economy 12.50 euros per month. What could be better? Xavier Niel do the same if he can! “.

Leader therefore wishes to reduce the average price paid by a subscriber to a fixed service by leaving the 30/35 euros paid monthly for move to a lower bill. Despite these initial reports, Martin Bouygues leaves, for the moment, casts pending on future deals.

Still, at the end of 2012, Bouygues Telecom announced that its ARPU (average revenue per user) was 32.4 euros per month per user (389 euros per year). If it implements this decline packages, this should decrease significantly, resulting necessarily consecutive decline in competition, ordered to line up.

In the interview conducted by Figaro , the leader also severely critical attitude rival Free Mobile explaining that the margins of Bouygues Telecom are “ less than 20% “, while those of Free “ is greater than 40% in the fixed

“. On mobile, Bouygues specifies that crosses a few days “ beyond the first million customers, (…) what makes nervous Free. Xavier Niel has flip-flopped. He launched the largest precipitation offer 4G, when he was 700 antennas. And when he says that Bouygues Telecom has only 530, this is wrong! It has already been convicted for having denigrated . “

This announcement appears he had consequences traded since the title Iliad has lost nearly 10% while shares of Other operators have also suffered setbacks, but in lesser measures (Orange -2.4%, -2.4% Vivendi and Bouygues-0, 6%).

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