Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Accessibility 4G: "It's a little mess" according to the boss of Orange - Generation NT

With the holiday season and the availability of 4G for the general public, is the great media tour for the leaders of telecom operators. Following the arrival of Free in this area and the outspoken boss Xavier Niel, the communication still takes more the path of a settling of accounts so western.

France Telecom Stephane Richard micro Europe 1 this morning, CEO of Orange, Stéphane Richard, however, also responded to the latest survey by the UFC-Que Choisir which involves broken promises operators on 4G. The Consumers’ Association has also filed a complaint against Orange and SFR for deceptive marketing practices and especially because the gap between the online map coverage of Paris and the actual accessibility to 4G network.

Orange has already challenged the results of this study, but Stéphane Richard recognizes that “ is a little mess .” He adds: “.. Should someone in the system blows the final whistle and provides objective measurements This is the role of the regulator to do

Sosh, Orange has announced the integration of 4G from next January for the package to 24.99 € per month with 5 GB of data. Stéphane Richard admits that it was not in the initial plans. With the initiative of the then Free Mobile Bouygues Telecom with B & You, however, there was hardly any choice.

During the interview, the boss of Orange has once again questioned the ability of the network to 4G Free Mobile that the current state is not sufficiently deployed. Orange side, it is in any case certain that there will be no roaming agreement on 4G Free Mobile as is currently the case with 3G. “ In any case, they have to deploy a network, 3G or 4G .”

attacks against Orange Free Mobile are known one doubted the quality of the network, investment opportunities that would not go along with a policy of cheap prices only and a negative impact on employment.

the moment, ARCEP considers that the labor market in telecoms has weathered the arrival of Free Mobile. “Wait figures 2013. I think the level of employment in the sector declined in 2013 .”

Stéphane Richard has also reacted to Xavier Niel by operators who emit huge margins:

This is the reasoning demagogue par excellence. Xavier Niel is the record for margin in France. It’s been years that more than 40% margin in the fixed, well above us, thanks to the money he became very rich and it finances its development in mobile


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