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NSA: a submarine cable and a whole section of Internet spying - Clubic

Posted by Romain Heuillard Monday, December 30, 2013

Worse a backdoor on the most popular services online? Infiltrate the Internet itself: the NSA did
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He might consider having “mission accomplished” , Edward Snowden continues to deliver disturbing revelations about the NSA. Today is the German newspaper Der Spiegel that reveals the existence of a surveillance operation on a large scale, which led the U.S. security agency to infiltrate an entire telecommunications network linking a multitude of countries France to Singapore.

NSA specifically granted access to the submarine cable SEA-ME-WE-4 routing telephone and computer communications in 14 countries, some of which are considered strategic, such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE Arab Emirates and Pakistan. It is the result of a consortium of six companies including the former France Telecom, Orange.

Identify targets and automatically attack

American intelligence agency can intercept and identification of data (email addresses in cookies , IP addresses) and identify its targets. Then it can attack automatically by redirecting infected copies of visited websites, specially adapted for faults detected previously.

This is also a unit called TAO for Tailored Access Operations or access operations on measurement, we must exploit this vile. In a document dated 13 February 2013, CAT was pleased to have “managed to collect management information system for the submarine cable SEA-Me-We” , and thus have “gained access to the site management consortium and collected network information level 2″ .

 Route submarine cable SEA-Me-We 4
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Earlier large

The above methods, called Quantuminsert and Foxacid are those already allowed the NSA

  • to infiltrate the network of the National Security Committee of Mexico, including access to the SCADA system of power plants,
  • to British intelligence to infiltrate the network of the Belgian operator Belgacom
  • but also and especially to American and Israeli intelligence to implement Stuxnet, which was allowed to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program.

But that the world is not upset, NSA stated in early 2013 that “other operations were planned to collect more information about this submarine cable and other cables” .

Orange disclaims any involvement

Orange was quick to respond to these new revelations. The operator told AFP it “would be a civil party in the coming days” and it “reserved all possible legal action in the event Orange where data have been an interception attempt “.

But the operator ensures that has” no involvement in maneuvers (NSA) , made entirely without his knowledge and concerning a priori equipment that is not user manager. “

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