Sunday, December 29, 2013

Apple seeks ban on Samsung new products - Echoes

win a commercial battle, nothing beats a good trial. This is the strategy adopted by Apple in the United States to block the road to Samsung. The firm at the apple has asked Lucy Koh, Judge Northern District of California (SanJose) prohibit the sale of 20 Samsung devices and tablets, including the Galaxy S or Galaxy Tab 10.1. Even if this is old devices from Korean, withdrawn from sale due to various court decisions, Apple has not always been successful. Thus, the judge Lucy Koh had already rejected some requests prohibition made by Apple. Getting a new decision in its meaning, the inventor of the iPhone prepares for the future. Thus, an alternative procedure, which we know the outcome in March, was opened to prohibit newer models, like the Galaxy SIII. So Apple wants to demonstrate that these models are only 20 avatars products which it seeks a permanent ban.


“As Samsung frequently puts new models on the market (…) prohibition is important to bring Apple support necessary to combat future crime Samsung” said the firm at the apple. Currently, the amount of litigation due by Samsung in Apple is $ 930 million. Here two years now that Apple is conducting a guerrilla war against Samsung thank you, that did not stop the irresistible rise of Korean. Nothing in smartphones, Samsung held the third quarter 32% market share globally, ahead of Apple (12.1%), according to Gartner. If Samsung has maintained its position, Apple lost almost 2 points in one year. Moreover, in its last fiscal year, despite rising sales, the group recorded the first decline in earnings for eleven years. Of the total mobile phone market, Korean is also number one with 25.7% market share, ahead of Nokia (13.8%) and Apple (6.7%).

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