Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The CSA wishes frame streaming sites - ZDNet

Regulation: The finding of the High Council of Audiovisual is clear: YouTube Dailymotion now broadcast and other content from TV channels or cinema studios. They must be supervised by him.


we know, television is experiencing a massive shift of uses that are oriented to the replay and streaming. At the same time, these same streaming platforms like YouTube, multiply agreements with movie studios, content providers or television.

subsidiary of Google has launched its own TV channels and in France, Canal + has signed an agreement to make a new YouTube channel broadcast channels.

gnashing of teeth

“mix of genres” pushes the CSA, the regulator of broadcasting has reviewed its fields of competence and actions. Thus, in a report submitted to the government and revealed by the Express, the High Council of Audiovisual intends to monitor these sites in the same way as TV channels.

He also wants an impact study on these new modes of distribution is carried out, especially in terms of turnover with as an idea to involve the owners of these sites to the financing of French creation if their numbers sales exceeding 10 million euros. A desire obviously pushed by many actors as telecom operators.


verve, the CSA also intends to regulate the sale of films on foreign platforms like iTunes (Apple), PlayStation Store (Sony) or Xbox Live (Microsoft).

side of web giants, the ratio of CSA is obviously cringe. “We are surprised to learn such a position far removed from the discussions we have had with the new team,” responded Giuseppe De Martino, secretary general of the Association of Community Internet Sites (ASIC).

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