Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In France, Google win seven times more than it says -

We already knew that Google and many other towers multiplied tax trick to avoid checkout. It now has an idea of ??the magnitude of the phenomenon: a study of agency Web VRDCI (PDF) optimization, revenue of U.S. business in France for the past year amounted to 1.4 billion euros. This is seven times more than the € 193 million reported in 2012.

It is certainly only an estimate, and it is compared with the figures for the previous year. But VRDCI led the largest study to date on the activities of Google analyzing more than four billion searches hexagonal. And even with growth from one year to another which should be about 25%, it would be surprising if Google says more than 250 million euros in 2013.

“Hotel” and “directory”, the keywords most expensive

four billion queries analyzed, only 3% are being auctioned by Adwords system research sponsored by Google, which represents 68% of its turnover in France.

keywords for which companies spend the most money when users click on a sponsored result: “Hotel”, “reverse directory”, “directory”, “auto insurance.” Thematic level, there are “hotel”, “travel”, “sale”, “mutual”, “training” and … “Encounter”. In the United States, the names of diseases subject of class actions, such as “mesothelioma” can cost up to 100 euros click a law firm.

past year, Google is in talks with Bercy to regularize its tax situation. Ireland, meanwhile, is considering a reform to ensure that U.S. companies benefit from complex financial arrangements.


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