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Windows Phone 8.1: Notification Center, and voice assistant ... - Clubic

The next major update to Windows Phone, expected in the first half of next year, should have new features allowing it to catch up a little delay his face competition.
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Currently, messaging applications pinned on the home screen of Windows Phone returns alerts to receive new messages. Notifications of community networks are mainly managed by their sides the address book. The next version of Microsoft’s mobile system could, however, review the things and add Notification Center brings together all this information in a single glance.

In the past, Microsoft explained he did not have time to finalize this functionality and according to The Verge magazine, which reports the information, it is currently undergoing internal testing. The publisher should disclose more information – and probably new APIS – during the BUILD conference for developers and to be held in April

Among the other new Windows Phone 8.1. , the voice assistant on behalf of Cortana code became an open secret. According to a source, Cortana replacerait well Bing Search on Windows Phone 8.1 and would be similar to both Siri on iOS, for voice interactions but also to draw Google Now contextual information. Interviewed by us in October, Duane Forrester, head of development at Microsoft Bing, explained:

I can tell you that this is a project that exists. We will continue to invest and work. Projects or Cortana Satori kind actually form the basis of the knowledge that we are trying to build (…) It’s very important to continue work on these knowledge bases to further optimize the quality of search engine where that it is located, Xbox, Windows, Windows Phone. When someone asks a question, we must understand the context and respond to specific and relevant manner after understanding the exact purpose of the request.

navigation buttons (Back, Home, Search) are on their sides represented in software, similar to Android initiative to provide more flexibility on their location, such as in landscape mode.

The OS would also provide more flexibility in configuring the audio volume, which would have to differentiate the intensity of the ringing of the media playback. Also include an integration of Smart Search Bing similar to Windows 8.1 and support VPN for the company. Finally, in addition to a further integration of Facebook and Twitter in the Address Book, Microsoft would throw dissociate Xbox Xbox Music Video.

Of course this information should be taken for the time with tweezers since they have not been officially confirmed by Microsoft.

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