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Maximilien Robespierre, the oldest case of sarcoidosis - The Daily Doctor

In a letter addressed to “ Lancet Philippe Charlier and Philippe Froesch (Anthropology, Montigny-Le-Bretonneux ) publish both historical clinical case for retrospective diagnosis of sarcoidosis in one of the most great figures of the French Revolution. October 11 Philippe Froesh had already publicly revealed reconstitution 3D Maximilian Robespierre made from molded mask just after execution July 28, 1794.


Reconstitution 3D facial Robespierre .

This is the reconstruction of the face and especially the review of historical documents that allows authors to advance a reliable diagnosis. The clinical signs described by eyewitnesses are numerous: eye problems, epistaxis (he covered his pillow every night blood) jaundice (yellow skin and eyes), fatigue, ulcers hamstring recurrent, frequent skin lesions associated with scars of smallpox. He also had eye and mouth twitching.

Those who were dismissed

Other clinical diagnoses could be mentioned but not covered quite presention or the clinical course: diffuse tuberculosis (cough but no fever), vascularity Wegener ( rhinosinusiennes are particularly common), leprosy, hemochromatosis scleroderma .

The treatment that has been offered to him by his doctor, Joseph Souberbielle , was perhaps a diet rich in fruits (he ate a lot of oranges), baths and bled.

The sarcoidosis was first described in 1877 by Sir Jonathan Hutchinson . But this is the Pr Jean-François Bergmann internist doctor the authors are grateful for his help in the diagnosis … retrospective.

> Dr ANNE Teyssedou

Robespierre the oldest of sarcoidosis . The lancet Vol 382 december 21/28 2013

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