Monday, December 23, 2013

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For the first time, a name of artificial heart Carmat was finally transplanted to a patient. This technological revolution in the field of health comes from France and was crowned by success. A world first which gives new hope to thousands of patients suffering from heart disease awaiting transplantation.

This is the French company Carmat based in the Yvelines is behind this phenomenal technological advancement in the field of health. This project, led by Professor Alain Carpentier for more than twenty years, has been successful following the successful transplantation of the artificial prosthesis in a patient.

According to the company, “this location has been satisfactory, the prosthesis automatically ensuring normal circulation at physiological flow. We welcome this first, but it would of course be premature to draw conclusions, because it is a single location and even very short post-surgical period. “In fact, these statements come just three days after the operation the patient with heart Carmat, a 75 years old man. According to Professor Jean-Noël Fabiani , Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital Georges Pompidou , where the procedure was performed, the patient “is very, very good “.


Despite this small reserve, it nevertheless seems that new patients are being selected to undergo the same transplantation in four other countries: Belgium, Poland, Slovenia and Saudi Arabia. Dr Phillipe Pouletty , founder of Carmat even adds: “A number of patients are being selected, it is likely that in the coming weeks to Other settlements are made, “either Hospital Georges Pompidou (in Paris) or Marie-Lannelongue (at Plessis-Robinson, near Paris), or still CHU Nantes.

With this spectacular advance, doctors hope to give 5 years of additional life expectancy to their patients. The objective of this final core being “to get a normal life with a good artificial heart there are some constraints including the need for such a machine run power,” reports Professor Fabiani . It is intended for patients with terminal cardiac assist, too old to expect a transplant, which is approximately 100,000 patients in Europe and the United States who are offered new hope. However, all will not benefit since the device weighs 900 grams against 300 grams for an organic human heart … From this, it can not be transplanted in overweight people and is compatible with 70% of male chest against 25% female thorax. At these physiological problems, joins the advertised price is € 160,000.


It’s amazing to think that a mechanical device can now replace our heart. With this advanced technology, hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved … We had over time, rather its price will therefore reduced so that everyone can have access. If your life was at stake, would you be willing to do this mechanical organ transplant or do you prefer to wait for a real heart transplantation?

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