Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CookieViz: CNIL software for tracking cookies - Generation NT

knew Ligtbeam extension – formerly Collusion – proposed by the Mozilla Firefox browser that allows you to “track the trackers Web.” The National Commission on Informatics and Liberties stake his stone to the edifice offering CookieViz which focuses on the cookies.

Available for Windows, CookieViz is downloaded from the SourceForge account CNIL and therefore open source. An opening is also a call for contributions to improve the tool, add features and fix bugs.

us the rest was impossible to make a working installation with our configuration to testing. However, presentations are made in a CookieViz Video:

CookieViz has an educational side to allow the user to view monitoring cookies, identify whether transmit information to other sites.

Cookieviz analyzes the interactions between your computer, web browser and remote sites and servers. Guests know what other players you visit the site sends information. [...] It allows you to explore the backroom Web and visualize in real time the extent of the tracking.

CNIL makes a distinction between different categories of cookies. In the context of a recommendation, it recalls that cookies primarily related to the targeted advertising must be a information from the Internet and prior consent.

administrative authority, “ period of validity of consent to the filing of cookies ” must not exceed 13 months. In other words, a lifetime limited to 13 months after initial consent. It is actually more of a reminder of the law and in this case, European legislation.

Now that the recommendation is published, the CNIL warns that it will monitor the evolution of the situation. In the future, financial sanctions may fall for sites not putting compliance.

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