Thursday, December 19, 2013

Red (SFR) will launch its 4G in January with unlimited YouTube - ZDNet

Business: mobile broadband will be included in a package at 25.99 euros per month with a 5GB data envelope and not deducted from streaming site use. SFR, new offers Square will be launched in February with a “slight increase” in prices.


It was only a matter of time. While B & You (Bouygues Telecom) and Sosh (Orange) integrated 4G in some of their packages to align Free Mobile, lacked only Red (SFR) for the loop.

competitive pressure requires, SFR yet the first to speak valuation 4G, announced Thursday that its low-cost brand (it should say ‘digital’) will offer mobile broadband from January 14.

his opponents, 4G will be offered at no extra cost. It will be included in a new bid to 25.99 euros per month associated with 5GB of data. To differentiate, the operator announced that YouTube will be offered unlimited. Translation, its use will not be deducted from the envelope data.

SFR 900,000 customers 4G Date

really good news for the primary target of the brand, young, very fond of video streaming (third traffic). Attention, however, this will only be possible unlimited 4G but SFR accurate. “Time coverage is more complete, unlimited 3G will also be applied”

As in his classic offers Squares with Extras, SFR is therefore positioned in the service, at least the one most associated with a given target and an offer. An argument that can be paid.

Extras also appear to be a loss leader for 4G. SFR now boasts 900,000 customers in date. “Napster, Canal Play iCoyotte and are in the top three most popular services,” explains Guillaume Boutin, Director of Marketing large public and professionals SFR.

Still, the price war is raging in the well 4G, draping the objectives of operators. If Bouygues Telecom does not intend to increase its rates, it is not the intention of SFR.

“All our formulas Square include 4G in February, prices will be” slightly “adapted” said the official. By “appropriate” must of course include “increased” …

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