Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Samsung debauchery designer Apple Store. Soon ... - ZDNet

Technology: Samsung has recruited Tim Gudgel, one of the designers of the Apple stores. Korean firm may open outlets in their own name in the United States.


With over 400 shops, the own distribution network name Apple is considered an absolute reference. The concept provides a rate of return per meter square which is simply the highest of all chain stores hard. Therefore more important we understand that the recruitment Samsung one of the men behind the creation of the Apple Store.

According to The Information website (pay site launched a week ago by former Wall Street Journal), Tim Gudgel has joined the Korean giant. Consider Samsung to invest significantly in the distribution of its products in the United States with the key to the creation of own-name boutiques. At present, the company has installed outlets in shopping centers and an agreement with the Best Buy brand stores which have a 1000 Samsung space. If the manufacturer has a wide enough range of products to fill a shop must still find the concept that will link them to hope to compete with Apple. (Eureka Press)

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