Friday, December 20, 2013

Iliad / Free fall of 10% on the Stock Exchange after the attack on Martin ... - ZDNet

Business: The declaration of war boss of Bouygues has reached the goal: action Iliad collapsed at the Paris Stock Exchange on Friday


blow from Martin Bouygues Free has not missed its target. In an interview with Le Figaro, the boss of the eponymous group has in effect declared war on his rival, hurt by its actions and statements on 4G.

Stéphane Richard before him, Martin Bouygues ranked the diplomatic language in the closet to choose one of the playground. “I declare war in the fixed Internet.” This breaking prices, and through technology and “innovative” services.


This is the promise for 2014. “We will be saving 150 euros per year for fixed subscribers who choose this service, which is a saving of € 12.50 per month. What could be better? Xavier Niel do the same if he can! “Martin Bouygues launches.

In Focus 40% margins Free – against less than 20% for Bouygues. A perspective that glazed markets yet still pretty good for the Free action.

In a rising market, the Iliad share literally plunged Friday, hitting a low in nine months. After releasing 13%, the title eventually lost 10.64% to 149 euros (162 opening). Investors will therefore take the threats seriously Bouygues.

st issue of whether Iliad can maintain margins in the fixed which enable it to fund its mobile offerings. If this is not the case, it is the model of the operator could be destabilized.

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