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CARMAT artificial heart: an innovation born in the Yvelines - Le Parisien

This is a francilienne company which is at the origin of this world first which was first medical scientific and industrial history. Carmat based in Velizy-Villacoublay (Yvelines), made possible the project led for over twenty years by Professor Alain Carpentier, its founder. It is in the laboratories of the assembly that was made of the prosthesis.


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SMEs do not expect to be in the spotlight so quickly, and had to go public earlier than planned intervention “due to leakage and not to feed the rumors.” Authorization for a feasibility test said was granted Sept. 24 by the National Security Agency of the drug. Carmat had to wait four patients selected for this trial have been made to make an announcement.

organ developed in collaboration with EADS

“This location has been satisfactory, the prosthesis automatically ensuring normal flow at a physiological rate,” wrote yesterday, the company Carmat in a statement. “We welcome this first, but it would of course be premature to draw conclusions, because it is a single location and even post-surgical very short time,” stated Marcello Conviti CEO CARMAT in this document. Clinical trials have also been approved in May in four other countries. Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia

The development of this artificial organ is the result of a merger with EADS, the European leader in aeronautics and space, which has its technological expertise to Professor Carpentier. He had put on the table his medical expertise including his invention of the heart valves Carpentier-Edwards, who are the most used in the world. With these valves, manufactured based on animal tissues, it has found a way to avoid waste and clots, frequent in transplants or the introduction of mechanical valves. For this artificial heart, the same method is used.

Enter public in June 2010, the company was able to generate funds to develop this innovation. Eventually, Carmat considering selling its artificial heart around € 160,000, a sum quite reasonable as close to the price of a “classic” transplant, according Carmat. Support by health insurance must also be negotiated. The market is approximately 100,000 patients per year worldwide, 16 billion €.

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