Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Video ads: Facebook promises more engagement ... - ZDNet

Business: After a test period, the first official video ads will land on your wall. This is the announcement of the movie Divergent opening the ball band.


It’s official, the video ad will make its debut on current users son. Gradually: Facebook intends to take precautions with this new strong intrusive but highly monetizable size


“Tomorrow (Wednesday), we test format (video) to advertisers with the goal of improving the quality of ads that you see in the newsfeed. This week, a small number of users see video ads for the new film “Divergent” that will launch when they consult their newsfeed from a mobile phone or computer, “announced the press service Facebook France.

Commitment or pollution?

explain: “These videos will engage automatically on the screen, no sound If you do not want to see the video, you can just go down or if the video is clicked and played.. big screen, the sound is launched. At the end of this video, a carousel with two other videos appear. For users who visit Facebook on mobile device, the ads will be downloaded in advance, when the tablet or smartphone is connected to a wireless network, and do not therefore be deducted on packages of mobile user data. “

autorun risk to scream many users, even if the sound is muted. But this is the price to sell “commitment” members to advertisers.

“Since September, we test a new video format to make them more engaging videos on Facebook and we have seen a 10% increase in the number of views, I love, actions and comments,” argues for Besides the social network.

The stakes are high for Facebook: definitively leaving aside his sense of cool and “experience” the social network hopes to capture a share of the advertising market on television. It is estimated, there is the United States at $ 66.4 billion for 2013.

We do not know exactly how much will be charged video advertising. Last August, the same Wall Street Journal estimated that to reach the full adult 18-54 years present on the social network, it would cost up to $ 2 million.

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