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The TAO cell appeared in 1997 and consists of highly skilled hackers who can

Interception of computer supplies, taking advantage of weaknesses in hardware and even use the report form error Microsof: Here are some of the methods available to a special unit of the National Security Agency (NSA), called “access operations to measure” (Tailored Access Operations, TAO) to access the data in computers covered by the agency. This is what reveals the Spiegel , based on documents submitted by Edward Snowden.

TAO cell appeared in 1997 and consists of highly skilled hackers who “access the inaccessible” , according to the description given by the NSA in internal documents. Also according to the documents consulted by the Spiegel , this unit has contributed to the collection “some of the most important that our country [the United States] has seen information.”


In the long catalog, extracts of which are published by the German weekly, succeed various nicknames provided tools to spy on all the details of the digital life of an average user. One called “Quantum Insert” to enter in targeted redirecting users to fake websites to unwittingly install spyware computers. It is this technique that permits access to the particular network manager a submarine cable and used by sixteen companies, Orange.

tools Feed through, Gourmet Jet plow through and allow the insertion of “implants” in servers from different manufacturers, including Dell and Cisco or Huawei Chinese Americans. Ironically, this manufacturer was suspected to monitor users on behalf of the Chinese authorities. Joined by Spiegel , the companies manufacturing the equipment to which the unit can access said they did not have knowledge of these elements. Cisco said not work with “any government to change its products,” .

Dropout Jeep is a spy equipment that can recover the information contained in Apple iPhones. Monkey calendar is it a software that sends SMS geolocation phone on which it is installed. Rage master in turn captures and transmits the information transmitted to the computer screen through the VGA cable. The catalog that German weekly had access dates from 2008, but the team explained that they are working on new tools adapting to new devices on the market.

anecdotal but telling is that of recovering the error reports sent by the operator of Windows system engineers to Microsoft operation. These reports provide specific details about the machine and can be used, as mentioned in the team, allowing “to collect detailed information and better access to your computer” .


Der Spiegel also said that some computer shipments are intercepted and redirected to the secret workshops of the TAO, where agents carefully open the package and put in place spies in the machine. This technique allows in particular to target people using new computers and they never connect to the Internet to prevent leakage. This is especially how to work Glenn Greenwald, the reporter contacted Edward Snowden.

In a statement

Spiegel , the agency confirmed the existence of this brief team “The CAT is a unique national asset, front line to allow the NSA defend the nation and its allies. His work focuses on the use of networks to support intelligence gathering abroad. “

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