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Stéphane Richard coward Xavier Niel, "pretentious, aggressive and King ... - ZDNet

Business: The war of words between the boss of Orange and Xavier Niel takes on a new dimension. Stéphane Richard does not hesitate to throw the names of birds and the threats to the roaming agreement that binds the two operators.


In the nineteenth century, the case would be resolved to the sword, in a duel at dawn in the Bois de Vincennes … Because the conflict between Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange and Xavier Niel, CEO of Free now peaked. The head of the incumbent can no longer, it is still not digested ads on Free 4G. An

must say that the troublemaker is doing everything to atomize the fragile economic model implemented by its competitors, particularly through price increases. Free Mobile does not charge most expensive 4G and height of the roof, now offers high-end smartphones for rent at 12 euros per month.

Too bad if the network is still in its infancy, Free occupies the ground, casts doubt consumers tempted by rain commercials BouyguesTel, Orange and SFR, and therefore demonstrate an ability extreme nuisance.

Stéphane Richard to abandon diplomatic discourse frontal attack. In an interview with Le Figaro (Article fee), the man loose.

“Orange may very well do without the roaming agreement, but the converse is certain?”

“Xavier Niel is the king of confused. Free Mobile has only a few frequencies and antennas, when compared to its competitors. Even accelerating its deployment, it can in no way claim have a national 4G coverage by its own resources, which means that to get coverage worthy of the name in the coming weeks, he must necessarily rely on a roaming agreement or pooling with the one of its competitors. “

threaten: “I think it loses some nerves as he faces serious deadlines and the noose tightens, do not forget that the agreement 2G/3G roaming n ‘ is not a perpetual right. Orange may very well do without the roaming agreement, but the converse is certain? “

Recall that a significant proportion of 3G traffic still passes Free Mobile by Orange. Free continues long deployments own but for now, Orange is a must for coverage. Without the incumbent, Free Mobile would one knee.

Orange boss can not stand the spears of his competitor: “I think Xavier Niel pretentious and aggressive,” he said in response to attacks magnate in the JDD: “Our competitors were paying big dividends, they have a little diminished. They were very rich, they are a little less. I much trouble for them, I’ll cry. Nobody is unhappy in telecoms. Operators emit between 20% and 40% margin “.

Stéphane Richard also takes over Arnaud Montebourg, the Minister of Productive Recovery which nevertheless puts forward arguments

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