Monday, December 30, 2013

Hacking a submarine cable by the NSA: Orange will be ... - TF1

telecom operator Orange announced Monday it would be a civil party in the case of piracy by the U.S. intelligence agency NSA a major submarine cable it uses along with 15 other companies. Edward Snowden , former consultant to the NSA, has once again hit with new revelations relayed by the German magazine Der Spiegel: according to him, a special division of the agency hacked the computer network a consortium of companies using the submarine telecommunications cable Sea-Me-We 4.
This fiber optic cable connects Asia and Oceania to Europe via the Middle East until Marseille, where it is connected to the Orange network. According to Der Spiegel, the NSA has hacked in February 2013 the computer network of the 16 companies (Orange) by introducing a virus allowing it to retrieve information about data flows – such as location, date, or persons involved in a given conversation. “Orange has no involvement in such maneuvers, made entirely without his knowledge and concerning a priori equipment (cable SMW4) which it is not user manager,” said the operator in a statement sent to AFP . “If there has been piracy, it could not be done via the Orange network, which has not experienced this type of attack,” he says.
L operator “however all possibilities of legal action in the event of Orange data carried by the cable in question had been an attempt to intercept and will particularly be formed in the coming days plaintiff , “he announces. Orange “reiterates its commitment to the protection of the secrecy of correspondence, which can be removed only under clearly defined conditions and limited by law, no institution or state can overcome this respect,” the statement said. For several months, Edward Snowden revelations have lifted the veil on the extent of Prism, American program spy all-out to several European countries, EU institutions or even the system internal video-conference of the UN.

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