Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More than one billion euros in revenue for Google France - Le Figaro

A specialist in SEO agency estimated the advertising revenue of the search engine based on keywords and their purchased price. Google France said 193 million euros in revenue in 2012.

generated by Google in France advertising revenue in excess of € 1.4 billion. This figure comes from an estimate made by an agency specializing in SEO Internet. The study, to be released Thursday, gives a whole new insight into the actual activity of Google France, which reported only 193 million euros turnover in 2012 in France.

VRDCI agency, originally the study, analyzed for a year some 4.2 million keywords likely to be sought by French Internet users. Among these expressions, 3% had an AdWords auction, that is to say an advertisement positioned by advertisers to appear prominently in the results, and Google paid on every click of a user.

Based on the estimated volume of searches for these terms, the number of clicks and their average cost, the study estimates that Google generates 2.6 million per day in advertising revenue in France. “This is the accumulated data exact cost AdWords expressions studied” says Antoine Mussard, head of the agency. The total turnover, if the same breakdown of revenues is applied to France in the world, then came to € 3.9 million. Extrapolated over 365 days, the study achieved an annual turnover of 1,438,933,660 euros.

The result is an estimate. The study is based on the average cost advertising tool provided by Google, which is not necessarily the exact cost paid by advertisers final. In addition, the calculation made by a specialist SEO, which sells a better presence in the search engine results without placing the AdWords advertising platform.


estimate falls within the range of other calculations previously with other methods. Google tips to lower revenues in France are known. The majority of French advertisers go through the Google AdWords advertising platform and are charged in Ireland, the group’s European headquarters. French teams that perform a “marketing assistance” for large customers, receive a commission on advertising revenue, essentially covering their costs.

Tax optimization has enabled Google to pay only € 6.5 million of corporate tax in France in 2012, with a net profit of € 8.3 million, which earned him regular criticisms of the government. Most American high-tech groups have implemented similar systems in their international development. Several avenues are being explored to conduct Internet groups to pay taxes according to their actual activity in the countries where they work, especially in the OECD.

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